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Meriem Wakrim
Born in Casablanca, Morocco

Visual artist and cinematographer

Graduated in 2019 with a master's degree of cinema studies in image specialty, I have always been making images. 
I live in a countryside not far from Casablanca where we grow some organic food.

Through visual art I try to explore the inner and the outer landscapes. What surrounds us and what is within us. Passionate about nature and the living, organic themes are recurrent in my work.

My cinema studies in image specialty allowed me to understand the technique behind serving a purpose in a visual way and also, to suggest stories.

I never learned to draw, I always did it intuitively.  It was born in me when I was a child while wanting to see things. I don't worship any technique. It’s not about performance. The end is the process but also the image, a place to dwell in. Breaches and paths that open to us.

For me there is no hierarchy between the tools that can be used to create emotion. I use paper and digital. The two converge towards a single point, a dimension that can be visited. In my universe there is no contempt for one or the other, everything complements and coexists.
My drawings start on paper, travel on a computer to return to paper. Dimensions are assembled without opposition but in a complementary way.