Inner landscapes

States of mind are like landscapes. They are composed of different atmospheres, different natures sometimes welcoming sometimes hostile.
In these imaginary images, boundaries between the interior and exterior worlds do not exist. Visiting and feeling merge together.


As we walk

It is in the movement that the view of the horizon becomes clearer. The mist is part of the way.



Trees are such an active nature. Humans will never cease to be impressed by their ability to see, feel, socialize and perceive the world around them in such a complex way that overturns many received ideas and conceptions. Trees see, not with eyes, because there’s no need to have eyes to see. 

Did I mention I love trees?



The rocks, the sea, the south of Morocco. Traveling and drawing are intimately linked just like the sea and me.



Open and closed spaces. Merged atmospheres. Night falls, night work. Bright nights. Awakening. The desire to sleep, waiting for the daybreak.